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As our in-person cinema is now open, our Virtual Screening Room has closed. Check out the event calendar to see which films are playing now!

A Virtual Screening Room is a way to go to the movies from home! Many theatres have transitioned to online streaming given social distancing regulations and recommendations.

All the films at our Virtual Screening Room are arthouse films that would otherwise be premiering in theatres. They are often exclusive to theatres like The United and not available on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

Individual production companies and films work with film distributors (such as Kino Marquee and Eventive) to stream their films online. However, tickets are purchased through theatres themselves. The United has our own links to films that are streamed through third-party platforms.

Once you have chosen a film from the list at our Virtual Screening Room, you can click the “Watch Now” button on the listing to be redirected to a third-party film distributor. From there, simply follow the instructions on the web page to rent and watch your film! Note that the distributor varies from film to film, therefore the pages may all look different and may require different steps for rental, sometimes including creating an account on the site.

Alternatively, if you click the poster of the film you have selected, you can access more information about the film. On this page there is also a “Watch Now” button that leads to the same third-party webpage.

The United theatre, like most theatres, does not have built-in streaming. We contact film production companies directly who provide us with a personal link to a third-party streaming website. When you go to watch a film, you will be redirected to one of these secure websites.

You can watch any of the films through our website on your computer, tablet, or phone.

You can watch the films on your TV in a number of ways:

  • Connecting your computer to your TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Casting from an Apple device to an Apple TV using Apple AirPlay.
  • Watching through the app offered by the distributor on a Smart TV (not applicable for all Smart TVs or all distributors).

50% of every ticket sold through our website directly supports The United.

Check out all the great films we have on offer at our Virtual Screening Room and start watching!

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