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The Knickerbocker Collective Takes On “The Weight”

The Knickerbocker Collective Takes on “The Weight”

To celebrate the release of the documentary ONCE WERE BROTHERS: THE ROBBIE ROBERTSON STORY in The United Theatre Virtual Screening Room, The Knickerbocker Collective – Glenn Thomas (Glenn Kendzia, Wild Sun), Will Evans (Barefoot Truth, Will Evans Music), Marty Moroney (Mystic Dead), and Natalia Mortrude (Sugar) – have tackled the legendary, modern standard of the American Songbook, The Band’s “The Weight.”

We all miss live music and can’t wait to see some of these, our favorite artists, back playing The Knickerbocker Music Center as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy the collaboration and be sure to check out ONCE WERE BROTHERS…

click here to watch Once Were Brothers

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