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In The News: United Theatre’s Tony Nunes Sure Has ‘Cabin Fever’

In the News: United Theatre’s Tony Nunes sure has ‘Cabin Fever’

From The Independent – June 13, 2020

United Theatre’s Tony Nunes sure has ‘Cabin Fever’

By Rob Duguay / Special to The Independent

The COVID-19 crisis has dwindled our sources of entertainment to a certain degree, but podcasting has become the go-to for a lot of people who are staying indoors. This creative medium has exploded over the past few years with an abundant variety focusing on numerous topics. Tony Nunes, who is the artistic director at The United Theatre on 5 Canal Street in Westerly, has started one of his own since the pandemic started. It’s called the Cabin Fever Curation Podcast and it has been popping up with new episodes each week. Nunes has been doing it as a source for people to know what to check out while being cooped up along with featuring special guests. Nunes and I had a talk recently about the podcast, the guests who’ve been on it, virtual screenings being provided by the theater and keeping things short.

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