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In The News: The Knickerbocker Finds An Innovative Use For Empty Stage

In the News: The Knickerbocker finds an innovative use for empty stage

From The Independent – January 15, 2021

By Rob Duguay / Special to The Independent

“Adjusting” has been a key word to describe the last 10 months. Regardless of your profession – if you still have one – or what your life as a whole is like, you’ve definitely had to do things a tad differently because of COVID-19. Due to the nature of an industry that relies on people gathering, music venues have made plenty of adjustments as well. The Knickerbocker Music Center on 35 Railroad Avenue in Westerly has shifted from its status as one of the most legendary establishments for musical sounds in New England to a recording studio and practice space. In fact, they also have a livestream series happening this weekend that’ll go on for the next few months.

I recently had a talk with The Knickerbocker’s head sound engineer Shawn Allen about how the idea for the current setup came to be, his working with an old friend, one of the world’s best jazz musicians coming in to do a residency and teaming up with The United Theatre for the upcoming series.

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