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In The News: Local Venues Keep Music Alive With Live Streams

In the News: Local venues keep music alive with live streams

From The Warwick Beacon – February 18, 2021

By Rob Duguay

Live music has had two ways of thriving since the dawn of COVID-19 – socially distanced outdoor shows or live streams being broadcasted on the internet.

Obviously outdoor shows are impossible these days due to frigid temperatures and inclement weather, so the latter has become the only viable option for the time being. A few venues around Rhode Island have been resorting to this creative medium to give local and national acts a chance to keep their music fresh.

One in particular has been putting on virtual performances to raise money for a charity, while the others have been organizing them in their own way. It’s a unique experience for everyone involved, with the collective hope of things returning to a sense of normalcy by the end of the year being apparent.

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