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In The News: Hamilton Leithauser Next Up At Knick Live

In the News: Hamilton Leithauser next up at Knick Live

From The Westerly Sun – February 18, 2021

By Nancy Burns-Fusaro / Sun staff writer

WESTERLY — Hamilton Leithauser, a singer known for his “passion while performing,” is the next guest in the “Knick Live” concert series this Friday.

Also known as the frontman for the Walkmen — a popular American indie rock band formed in 2000 — Leithauser was interviewed last year for NPR’s Tiny Concert series, which resulted in a Father’s Day feature article that began with these words by Bob Boilen: “This is the most adorable thing you may see all day.” The story featured a photo and caption that read: 

“Hamilton Leithauser has gathered his father, his daughters, his wife and two nieces for a family affair that warmed my heart. Known best as the The Walkmen singer, Hamilton Leithauser plays songs from his 2020 solo album, appropriately titled ‘The Loves of Your Life,’ while the children sing backup and dance on haystacks. Joy exudes. And there’s not just one Tiny Desk in the shot — look closely for a second tinier one. Happy Father’s Day, everyone.”

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