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(from left to right) Dr. Robert Naparstek; Jay Sweet, Executive Producer of Newport Folk & Newport Jazz Festivals; Neil Steinberg, President & CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation; Lisa Bisaccia, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer of CVS; Michael McDonald, United Theatre board member; Governor Gina Raimondo; Dan King, United Theatre board member; Randy Rosenbaum, Executive Director of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts; Dan Riordan, Gnarly Bay Productions; Vince Burks, Communications Director at Amica Insurance; Lisa Utman Randall, Executive Director of The United Theatre; David Beauchesne, Executive Director of the RI Philharmonic and Music School; and Tony Nunes, Artistic Director of The United Theatre.

Our Board

Maureen N. Fitzgerald, Chair

Chuck Royce, Vice-Chair

Fred Allardyce, Treasurer

Tom Liguori, Secretary

David Beauchesne

Patricia W. Chadwick

Colleen Ferguson Clark

Harvey DeMovick

Gerry Gorman

Carolyn Greenspan

Kevin Kelly

Dan King

Lisa Konicki

Deborah Lamm

Peter L. Lewiss

Michael McDonald

Heidi McWilliams

Nicholas Moore

Donna Simmons

Will Vogt

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